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Cheat Engine is the easiest and safest way to modify features of your favorite games for your enjoyment, used in particular for the creation of cheats. Unlock levels, change the difficulty, get hidden items or just decrease the speed with a few clicks!

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Cheat Engine features
Modify in-game mechanics to your liking Discover new tricks
Powerful inteface Fully customizable
Edit the speed of the game at will Intuitive control panel
Unlimited potential for cheats Tutorials and manuals

Deep control of your games

Many games contain ‘cheat codes’ specifically implanted in the game affording benefits such as invincibility or infinite resources. It’s where this is not the case that Cheat Engine 6.4 comes to life. Once installed, you can create your own cheats and tricks in order to make a game easier or harder, as you want, with no limitations set by the game.

Although it might seem to be beyond the knowledge level of a lot of gamers, don’t hesitate. The program is easy to use with a bit of dedication and study. Download Cheat Engine now and see what kind of interesting cheats you can find.

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